5 Tips for Moving Out of State

An out of state move requires meticulous planning and preparation. Any move is difficult, but there are many things in a long haul move that can go wrong. Hopefully these tips will make it feel like you’re moving just across the street. Pare down – Before any move, you should purge every unneeded item, but… Read More

The 4 Greatest Benefits to Owning a Home

Still renting? Here are 4 benefits to owning your own home. Build equity – Owning a home is like having a long-term savings account, whereas renting is just throwing away money into someone else’s bank account. Stable monthly payments – When you purchase a home and lock into a 15 or 30-year fixed rate mortgage,… Read More

Is it Better to Remodel or Sell?

This is the question that many empty nesters find themselves asking when their last child moves out. Two people in a large four-bedroom house with a bonus room doesn’t seem to make much sense. So do you remodel your home to fit your current needs or do you sell and purchase the perfect home? When… Read More