Stockings Hung by the Chimney with Care … and Security

The most wonderful time of year – for home security The holiday season is a time to celebrate and get together with family and friends. However, burglaries and break-ins peak at this time of year. While you are at holiday parties and Christmas musicals the time is spent away from your home leaves your house and… Read More

What’s it worth?

New tax valuations are out for Wake County! These values show how much your home is now worth … according to Wake County. These new numbers are published every 8 years. A lot can change over 8 years so even if you checked recently its worth it to check again! Click here to search for a… Read More

3 Benefits of Selling Your Home During the Holidays

As the holidays are approaching, many people are busy decorating their homes, lighting the tree, and marking their calendars to visit friends and family. With all the busyness of the season, you might be wondering if now you should even attempt to sell your home. Any potential home buyers are also busy attending get-togethers or traveling… Read More

Wilson Realty Group Ranked the #1 Expansion Team in the Carolinas Region

Celebrate with us for being ranked as the #1 Expansion Team in the Region for the Month of October! Wilson Realty Group has been named NUMBER 1 in the Carolina’s Region for Expansion Team Sales Production for the month of October! If you’re thinking of selling and have questions on the market or if you’re… Read More

Can You Purchase a Home Even With Student Loans?

As more millennials are preparing to buy a home, one issue is making it difficult for many — student loans. The Project on Student Debt calculated that just about 7 in 10 college graduates in the Class of 2014 had student loan debt, and on average each student had about $29,000 in loans. With mortgages often amounting to well over… Read More