Holiday Home Safety Tips

How to keep your home safe during the Holiday Season Now that the Holidays are approaching it’s a good time to revisit some ways to make sure our homes are safe, whether we are staying cozy at home with a cup of hot chocolate or traveling to visit family and friends.

Showings are UP on homes in the Triangle real estate market!

Monthly showings on homes relative to the number of listings on the market have reached peak levels for the first time since 2006! Could this be a sign of good things to come or maybe even continue up into all price points and locations in the Triangle real estate market? Let’s hope so! Many home… Read More

16 Lattes OR make a $70 Bicycle Donation toward a Needy Child this Season… You Decide!

So, I have to confess that I am addicted to the Cinnamon Chip scone and a regular coffee which equals $4.08 at Panera Bread… it occurred to me that I could give this up for only 16 days and it would fully cover the cost of a Bike + Helmet for a needy child this… Read More