Bringing the Outdoors In

Screened Porches are Making a Comeback


While an open outdoor area may be attractive to some, most buyers are concerned with bug-borne illnesses and overexposure to harmful rays. The screened porch is a functional, attractive alternative to outdoor space which offers a protected, front-row seat to nature. Screened porches go with different styles of homes, come in a wide range of prices, and are desired all over the country, from warm climates to cold. This article on shares some features screened porches are now offering.   

Screened porches provide their greatest enjoyment when they take advantage of nature, light, and views. But it can be tricky to do that with existing homes, and it’s often easier to incorporate a screened porch in a new house instead. The porches tend to be used most if located adjacent to or near a kitchen since they serve a casual eating—and living—function. However, they also should be oriented so they won’t block views and light from adjacent, interior rooms.

It’s important to build it using weather-resistant materials since the porch may get damp. Good weather-resistant floor choices are flagstone, porcelain, and certain woods like ipe, cedar, and teak.

Are all screens the same? No! Screen openings have gotten larger and the mesh finer, both reflecting a contemporary influence. Designers are also working to minimize pieces that frame and support both screens and room structure. Improvements in technology and design permit homeowners greater flexibility since some companies design screen systems on retractable tracks. With the push of a button on a remote control, the room is opened to nature again.

With any room, the porch should be large enough to accommodate the homeowner’s plans for how to use the space. Make sure not to get too carried away and make your porch take up all of your lawn.

Today’s screened porches are much different than the old fashioned, no-frills approach found in older porches. Homeowners also can consider including outdoor rugs, fireplaces, TVs, portable heaters,window treatments, and wind protection.

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