Behind the Scenes at Ashley Wilson Realty Group

Curious about what happens behind the scenes at Ashley Wilson Realty Group?  We’re letting you in – come check it out!


Team Building
Think you could re-create an object after viewing it for just a few seconds?  Our team members took turns doing just that!  After a few seconds viewing the object, they returned to their teams to share what they had learned and start building the shape.  Team members took turns in a race to see who could finish first!  

Congratulations to our winners:
Michael Travis, Erik Antunez and Kelly Cherry!


Team Awards
Recognizing her 5 years with Ashley Wilson Realty Group, Brenda Simpson was recognized for her dedication and service to the team.


Book Club
Always focused on learning, our book club this month was the Shift book by Gary Keller. This book offers great tips for working with our Clients during a market shift! 

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