Ditch the Pool and Switch it with This??

This generation of house hunters seek different features than older generations

The trend of a backyard pool with cabana and palm trees is on the decline. Millennial house hunters are looking for a backyard that is less work with more benefits. This generation of buyers is looking for things such as a vegetable garden or an outdoor pizza oven. With 32% of millennials planning to buy a home over the next two years these are things to consider when upgrading your home to put on the market. Other features millennials look for are technology based homes with things such as smart doorbells with cameras and electronic exterior locks that can be remotely locked and unlocked via smartphone.


It’s not just the millennials that want to get more out of their backyard, 75% of all homeowners who are planning outdoor projects in 2016 will start in the backyard, according to a poll taken by Houzz.com. Expanding your living space is an attractive feature to all buyers. Having a patio that includes a bricked-in grill or a defined patio space with seating can add big value to your home. Building a stone fire pit can be done for under $1,000 and extends the amount of time you can spend in your backyard to another season.


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