HGTV Magazine’s Best Websites

HGTV Magazine’s Best Websites


Are you planning on moving, just move into your dream home, or just looking for the best way to tackle your very intimidating, inevitable spring cleaning? Lucky for you, HGTV Magazine has discovered the best websites to help you declutter your home!

Very Short List

very_short_listWe all have busy schedules, so it’s usually love at first site when we see anything with the word short in the title. If you’re always stressed for time, Very Short List makes it possible for you to learn about one new thing each weekday in the briefest form imaginable. This free e-mail alerts you to entertainment and media items that aren’t yet highly publicized, so you can show off your endless knowledge at the office and still have time to get organized.



30 Boxes

30_boxes_screenshotThe best of the best when it comes to online calenders, 30 Boxes allows you to publish, collaborate on and share your personal schedule with anyone you choose. The pros of 30 Boxes? The site is so simple to use and is much less of an eyesore than the messy family calendar hanging on the kitchen wall. Other features of the site include a photo-adding feature and the ability to share via a blog, Facebook and more.


bundlo.comEveryone knows the first thing to do when your newborn arrives is take pictures. But the second? Make your bundle of joy a website (oh, and that whole feeding/cleaning/sleeping bit too). Your baby’s first website at Bundlo is free (yes, we said FREE) and can be customized. You can get your precious little one’s first days organized by sharing photos, journaling about that first smile and keeping an online baby book up-to-date with those all-important milestones.


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