Choose Right, Choose a WRG Preferred Lender

Why should I work with Wilson Realty Group’s preferred lender?


When selecting a lender for your new home purchase in the Raleigh NC market, there are many things to consider. You may first think of using your bank to get your mortgage loan but you may want to ask your realtor before making that call. While your bank or credit union may offer mortgages, it is only one line of business for them. Many people think that because they have a checking account with a bank that the mortgage process will be easier and less taxing. Frankly, banks will ask for the same sets of documents that any other lender will ask for. They are required to gather the same documents based on the regulation that has been passed. A reason you may want to speak with your realtor about a referral is because regardless of whom you choose to finance your new property, the realtor will have to work closely with the lender to ensure a timely closing. Most preferred lenders have “passed the test of time” with the referral source and are a vital part of the “experience” you’ll have when buying your home. The facts are, buying a home can be a stressful time, but choosing the right team can alleviate much of that stress and make the process enjoyable.


Qualifying and gathering information to apply for a new home loan can be a scary and complicated process. You gather all of your information, you send to the lender, you may talk for hours or play phone tag and you think that everything is in place and you are ready to close. Then you get a call from the lender that you are not approved after all. They will need more money down, more documentation, more, more, more. It can be a rollercoaster of emotions and extremely annoying process if your lender is not familiar with all of the options available to you or doesn’t have a good working relationship with the parties involved.


Here are some of the highlights of what the Wilson Realty Group’s preferred lenders can offer:

  • Quick turn times
  • Consistent communication throughout the process
  • Proven track record with the realtor that referred
  • Understands timelines and managing the schedule for you
  • Competitive interest rates and closing costs
  • Quick Pre-qualifications
  • Available when you’re buying your home (nights and weekends, not just banking hours)
  • Multiple loan options to fit your specific situation
  • Good working relationship with the 3rd parties involved

Congratulations on choosing to work with Wilson Realty Group! Our Preferred Lenders will make your home loan go smoother and faster!

This information has been provided by Michael Martin with Movement Mortgage and Michael Travis with WestStar Mortgage.


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