Buyer Specialist or Therapist-Which one do you need?

What do you think of when you think of a real estate agent?


What can an agent do to help you? What really IS our job? How can an agent create an unforgettable client experience for you? Here at Wilson Realty Group, we specialize and focus in our areas of passion and expertise. We specialize in working with buyers. You should expect an agent to help find The Perfect Home for you, negotiate a fair price, keep your interests as the main priority, negotiate repairs, and create a smooth transaction through closing.

That’s Buyer Agent 101…….that’s the bare minimum you should expect. Here at Wilson Realty Group, Buyer Specialists take it a step further. This is a HUGE financial and emotional purchase, and a great Buyer Specialist will help you take a step back and evaluate this big decision. Because of our full time commitment to working with buyers, we have an “eye” and insight into part of the process that other professionals don’t.

What happens when the house isn’t as great as what we thought it was after an inspection?  What happens if you lose a house in a multiple offer scenario…and it’s one you REALLY wanted? What happens if your dream house goes under contract on the way to the showing?

This is when our jobs turns from Buyers Agent to house therapist!

It’s our job to get us back on track, and keep you in a positive frame of mind.  At Wilson Realty group we believe that a positive mind set brings positive results.  YOU WILL get the home you are meant to have.

So do you want an agent that just shows you homes and pushes papers?  Or do you want an agent who helps you navigate this emotional, sometimes frustrating and HUGE financial process, while also taking care of the basics?

Let Wilson Realty Group help you with your Raleigh Real Estate needs!

This information brought to you by Wilson Realty Group Buyer Specialists Mary Lou Dingman and Elizabeth Cook Peters.

To speak to one of Wilson Realty Group’s Buyer Specialists, contact our office today: 919-378-1974