April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers


If you haven’t already noticed the thick layer of pollen covering, well, everything, spring has most definitely sprung. So, take advantage of the beautiful weather and consider re-doing your garden. You have nothing to lose because improving your home’s landscaping makes everything better: greater enjoyment, increased home values, and enhanced curb appeal that may help attract buyers.

You don’t have to live on Wisteria Lane to have a beautiful landscape and we’re here to help get you started. Realtor Magazine collected the most popular gardening trends for 2014 from around the country, and here they are!


Low Maintenance.

the-beautiful-perennial-flowers-in-your-frontyard-or-backyard-gardens-500x500Most busy owners don’t have the time, money, or patience to deal with a high upkeep outdoor space. Use materials for decks, patios, and columns that don’t require repainting or replacing, furnishings that can be left outdoors throughout the year and won’t fade, and plant materials that don’t have to be constantly watered, fertilized, or pruned.

You can plant perennials instead of annuals and also plant wildflowers that are less expensive, yet just as beautiful. Some of the most beautiful gardens are the most simple. Incorporate 5-7 different kinds of flowers into your garden instead of dozens, which may look like a flower delivery truck dumped its contents in your front yard.

A new grass-like product from Grassology requires less water and feeding since its roots go deeper than ordinary grass to find water and nutrients instead of depending on traditional methods. The “grass” also doesn’t grow as high, so less mowing is needed.


Entertaining Outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchen 01Who doesn’t love a nice night on the patio with friends and family? More and more home owners are adding patios, decks, or terraces that are large enough to accommodate comfortable seating, and often the finished result resembles an indoor room.

The furnishings you select for outdoor entertainment areas can look like they belong in your living room, but remember, they need to be quality. To last through the beating sun, wind, and thunderstorms, you outdoor furniture needs to be sturdy and have upholstery that is more fade-resistant.

Consider your options when deciding what you’ll be doing outside. Some home owners like to move EVERYTHING outside, including surround sound systems, weatherproof TVs, sinks, refrigerators, beer taps, rotisseries, and pizza ovens. However, some believe a good grill is all you need. It’s really up to you, but just know you have options.

Need some shade? To escape the sun’s rays, many owners have installed pergolas that continue to flourish, and are matched stylistically to a home’s design or favorite vacation paradise. To shade better, many are planted with flowering vines.

For those who aren’t as focused on saving dollars, water features are ever more lavish and resort-like. Vanishing-edge pools, where water seems to spill over indefinitely, are increasing popular.


Sustainably Savvy.

GardenGo green and stay local! When planting, choose native vegetation; they don’t require frequent watering or as much feeding, fertilizing, and pruning, and these plants know how to survive in their region. They also offer the plus of attracting more native wild life, bees, butterflies, and bugs. Many home owners are now planting vegetable and herb beds to grow more of their own food for many reasons — no worrying about pesticides and it helps cut down on the grocery bill! More home owners also want to incorporate local, recycled, and renewable materials, such as stone quarried nearby and reclaimed lumber

If home owners insist on lawn and plants, they should consider going with a choices that can be left more natural to resemble a meadow or prairie, or they might consider synthetic turf, which now looks much more realistic.

For home owners eager to lower water use, they should consider installing rain barrels and other collection methods. Another option is drip irrigation systems. They help conserve water better than sprays, which often throw into the air haphazardly.


Extended Use.

outdoor-fireplace-0029Sometimes those “evenings” on the porch can last much later than originally planned, so add features that can help you remain outside as long as you’d like.

For light, LED bulbs are taking the place of halogen bulbs because of their greater energy efficiency. These lights are being used not just for eating and sitting, but also to accent specimen trees, garden furnishings, and artwork.

For those nights that get a bit chilly, adding a fire pit or fireplace can help keep you and your guests nice and toasty. Fire pits are more affordable, but if you’re staying in your home for the long run, a permanent outdoor fireplace can bring many years of beauty and enjoyment.

**However, before you install either, check your community’s rules and regulations regarding this!**


All the Senses.


Use your garden to attract bees, birds, and other animals; they can add pleasant outdoor sounds. And lots of flowers can enhance the scent of your yard as well, but try not to have too many that may overpower one another.

Bolder colors for outdoor furnishings rank high on the wish lists of buyers, as they do inside, from periwinkle blue to zesty orange, but know that classic white and blue rarely loses its cachet.



More Personalized Curb Appeal.

images-21Contrary to what many believe, the first impression of a home comes from the outside. So welcome your guests and buyers with a beautiful front yard and walkway.

To do this, you can use textured plantings, different height materials, some variation in color throughout the year, a small water feature, a piece of garden art or interesting furniture such as a bench from the local antique store, and even a painted wall that coordinates with their home’s façade and architectural elements.

Whatever you decide, make sure you keep costs to no more than 5 to 10 percent of your home’s value, so you don’t overimprove! Happy gardening, and make sure to contact Wilson Realty Group today for assistance with all of your real estate needs!!